Graphic user interface for Denmarks largest mobile portal

The task for the design project was to create an intuitive and characteristic graphic user interface for the TDC Fly cellphone services. The solution should provide an easy overview and navigation through the different areas of services and on the other hand the solution should contain a strong identity that differed the TDC Fly services from others without having a logo on the display.

Among other ideas the client chose an icon solution. The combination of 3d-physicality and outlined icons was quite unique at the time and provided an elegant lightness and playfullness together with the individual colourcodes for the main areas of services. We tried to avoid using standard motives for the symbols of the icons and developped our own set of symbols based on an extensive symbol research, usertests and imagination. The final solution consists of 54 icons including the 9 main icons.

The visual universe of the icons also became the fundament of a large advertising campaign as well as the logo for the service.

The project was developped for Kontrapunkt in collaboration with the rest of the Kontrapunkt team.
TDC Fly: Design concept for graphic user interface, 2003

Field of work: development of symbols and design concept, symbol research, usertests, imagination.

(The client was quite satisfied with the individual colourcodes and decided to use those for all states of the buttons - resulting in a more colorfull expression than intended)
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