A multi-colour identity for a multi-disciplinary design company.

The ambition for the development of the former Kontrapunkt identity was to rethink and retell the multi-disciplinary aspect of the company. The existing identity didn't leave a proper platform for the divercity of the areas of expertise that had grown bigger through the years and the new disciplines that have been added.

The idea for the identity was to visualize the interplay between the diverce disciplines as visual music created by dynamic interplays between different colour-fields. Secondary, the amount of different colours could be interpretted as representing the different identities that have been created at Kontrapunkt through the years.

The aim for the website was to present a user-driven visual/audio counterpoint experience when navigating the site. A similar experience was intended for the printed matters as well as the experience of the interiour of Kontrapunkt.

The identity was launched in 2003 - but has been changed during 2004 due to strategical changes within Kontrapunkt.

The web experience was developped with guidance from Bo Lundby Jæger (specialist in Bach and counterpoint based music). The project was made for Kontrapunkt in collaboration with the rest of the Kontrapunkt team.

Kontrapunkt - Identity for a multi-disciplinary design company, 2002-03

Field of work: Development of visual identity (design concept, interactive colour idea, colour palette, dynamic grid, use of typography, etc.) and design programme (website, stationery, digital/printed publications, bookseries) etc.

See the book-project "From A to B - Kontrapunkt on Travelling"

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