LINKS is an ambitious website / community about film and filmmaking dedicated to young nordic filmmakers. The initiative for the project is a collaboration between the Danish Film Institute, Norweigan Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute and Nordic Council of Ministers.

The philosophy behind the proposal for the visual identity and the webdesign is to go against the lifestyle-oriented way that is often used when communicating with a young audience and instead create an inspiring and deign place based on the impression that film and filmmaking is taken seriously. A place that can accommodate all kind of filmic expressions and genres - where young filmmakers would be proud to present their films and would be sure to find professional and relevant help and knowledge.

The proposal for the visual identity is created upon an interpretation of the phenomena "film" as visual expression/ storytelling through: sequence/seriallity, light/darkness (and shades of visibility), framing/focus and time".

In my opinion the name "Dvoted" did not convey any associations usefull for the identity. Therefore a part of the design process have been to dismantle the name (as well as the phenomena "film") graphically - turning it into an abstract series of dynamic pictures - a beginning of a visual story.

The proposal got a second place position in a limited competition
. - proposal for visual identity and website, limited competition, 2006

Field of work: Development of visual identity (visual concept, logo / logotype, use of animation, typography, colour palette, graphic elements, photo style, grid) and website (front page, dynamic layout principles, guiding principles for flow, structure and navigation), stationery, etc.
The featured projects is a part of Christian Leifelt's production as an individual designer and artist, as employed or as a part of different collaborations and partnerships