The idea of the direct window to Denmark was launched the 21 of May 2002 when Denmark took over the EU presidency and was the official internet representive of Denmark for 5 years (the original site has been removed during the summer 2007).

The ambition of the portal was to facilitate the gathering of information on Denmark, Danes and Danish customs for foreigners and large parts of are comprised of information about important aspects of the Danish public sphere - art, politics, economy and history.

The task for the design was to express the best in danish design tradition but also to dare to go beyond tradition in an innovative and talented way.

The result was a combination of three major processes: 1) The definition of the communicative values for the website / the official Denmark and how they should be represented. 2) The development of a visual identity that reflects the values that integrates design and online possibilities in a new way. 3) The structuring and staging of the identity, the content, the navigation and the need for different types of dynamic mediation in a flexible, modularbased layout.

The key idea for the identity was to create a logo/design element that integrated a dynamic updated webcam-photo of the sky above Copenhagen right now. Matters of dependability killed the technical part of the solution but the idea of the direct window to Denmark became the conceptual fundament of the work. A hughe bank of photos, each representing a unique aspect of Denmark, delivers an appropriate interplay with the frame of the logo on top of all pages of the website. The path of breadcrumbs and the amount of context increases the deeper you navigate the site. These factors has a dynamic, visual impact on the top photos that gives identity, variation and creates overview across the website.

The project was made for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in collaboration with the rest of the Kontrapunkt team, The National IT and Telecom Agency and Ementor., the official international website for Denmark, closed competition, 2001-2002

Field of work: Development of visual identity (identity- and interactive concept, logo, crown, graphic and interactive elements, dynamic grid, photoconcept, etc.). Development of webdesign (navigational, structuring and mediative principles, variable layout system, etc.). Development of design manual, participating in development of communication platform, etc.

The logo is represented in the book "Tres Logos" from Die- Gestalten Verlag, 2006.

"The worlds leading national portal" - Per Stig Møller, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Berlingske Tidende, 2002

"[...] to be the digital official face of Denmark outwardly - demands obligation" - Uffe Andreasen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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