Dansk Erhverv (The Danish Chamber of Commerce) is an independent, private business association financed by its 20.000 member companies. Dansk Erhverv covers businesses in the areas of experience, communication, trade and transportation.

The new identity for Dansk Erhverv reflects the idea of an attentive, forward-looking, business organisation that accommodates the manifold diversity of its different member companies as well as the changing challenges of the businessworld. The key-element of the new identity is the dynamic collage. Depending on the needs and context the collage can be used downplayed and simple, as a characteristic visual element, or it can be used more expressive and communicative, exposing important topics, highlighting the variety of specific business areas or be transformed into visual scenarios of the world of tomorrow.

By incorporating elements from the surrounding world into the identity concept - the visual elements can be used as flexible, communicative tools without loosing its distinct marking qualities.

The project included the development of visual strategy, identity concept, 5. element (the collage), typography, grids, colours (including a context-dependent colour-palette), designconcept and art direction for stationery, digital and printed communication and much more.

The project is developed for 1508 in collaboration with Dansk Erhverv and the rest of the 1508-team. The Dansk Erhverv logotype was created by Kontrapunkt in 2006.

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Dansk Erhverv: Visual identity, 2008

Field of work: Development of visual strategy, identity concept, 5. element (the collage element), typography, grids, colours, photos, designconcept and art direction for the design programme.

Dansk Erhverv:

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