van Gogh #7: Publikum

van Gogh #7: Publikum (Audience) : interactive installation, 2007

van Gogh#7: Publikum is an artistic contribution for Spor 2007 - a curated annual festival for contemporary music and soundart.

By highlighting and orchestrating the presence and behaviour of the audience we wanted to accentuate a visual interplay / dialogue in the meeting between the audience and the performing artists.

A grid of 700 chairs with 180 coloured lightbulbs underneath makes up the entire scenography for the festival. Through hidden microphones and a computer the light field reacts on the sound of the audience as well as their positions inside the concert area. The result is a giant, lowpixel grid that creates a transforming, (lighting up the audience) multicoloured abstract light pattern based on the intensity and characteristics of live-data-input from the audience. The grid of chairs was rearranged into new pattern formations every day at the festival and the stage-areas for the performing artist where designed individually for each concert on different locations inside the grid among the audience. This gave the opportunity for the audience to sit among, behind or right in front of the artists - having a quite different concert experience.

The project was developed by van Gogh (Christian Leifelt, Simon Løvind and Michael Madsen). The stage design for the concerts "Second Music for a European Concerthall" and "Lighthouses of England and Wales" was made in collaboration with the british composer Benedict Mason.

The festival was curated by Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen