van Gogh #6: Public Service

van Gogh #6: Public Service: Vision for the future of the music library, 2011-2012


On the basis of a re-definition of the concept public service and with Odense Music Library as the actual stage, the art group van Gogh presents its vision for the music library of the future.

The challenge was to transform the library from "loan factory" into a modern institution for cultural mediation. Our work ended up in a comprehensive vision concerning all from new mediation methods and facilities, design and interactive concepts for the physical and virtual environments of the library, introduction of cross-aesthetic mediation, subjective librarians, and a new identity that includes a dynamic lightpulse moving around the library building.

The project is created in collaboration with the other members of the art group van Gogh and Odense Music Library. The project has recieved financial support from the Danish National Library Authority.

Download the vision document (7mb):
"Vision for Odense Music Library"