van Gogh #5: Solgt

van Gogh #5: Solgt (Sold) : conceptual art / act of sale, 2001

The art group van Gogh where invited to participate in the Charlottenborg Curated Fall Exhibition in Copenhagen 2001 and was assigned a display area for free disposal for the period of the exhibition. We (the art group van Gogh) decided to investigate and thematise the extraordinary attention attached to an event like the Charlottenborg Exhibition by selling the assigned exhibition room for highest bid at a closed auction and exhibiting the documentation of the sales proces.

The sale was conducted through the company Art-Management. Among a handful interested buyers (counting a chain of hotels, an international luxury brand a.o.) an advertising agency chose to give the highest bid (162.500 Dkr / 21788 €) and decided to move their office to van Gogh's display area at Charlottenborg for the period of the exhibition.

The project was created in collaboration with the rest of the art group van Gogh.