Unite 09

Unite 09: Conference identity and design programme for Unity Technologies, 2008 - 2009


Unite is an annual conference for developers, artists, architects, scientists, publishers and everyone else working with the multiplatform development tool Unity*. The 2009 conference was held at Fort Mason in San Fransisco 27. – 30. October.

Christian Leifelt was invited by the interaction design company shiftcontrol to collaborate on the development of a highly dynamic conference identity that should work across advanced screenbased environments as well as on printed and physical medias. We wanted the visual identity to express the idea of "being able to transform into everything" or "infinitely development" and also to integrate the extraordinary visual and interactive possibilities of the Unity platform into the visual identity.

The main elements of the solution is the custommade logotype, the controllable 3D mesh figure (programmed in Unity) that can change form, surface and behaviour and a system of variable layout grids and guidelines. In combination, these elements and principles allowed a characteristic and dynamic orchestration of the 4 day flow of conference informations, screen presentations, live-video inputs, game demos, etc.

Design programme / Screen: General conference information signage, Unity screen presentations, award show, etc.

Design programme / Print / physical: T-shirts, id cards / leash, sketches for printed communication and signage.

Creative concept / strategy:
Christian Leifelt with
Graphic design: Christian Leifelt
Creative programming:
Technical development and realisation:
shiftcontrol with Obscura

The project is developed for Unity Technologies and is represented in the book "Basic Identity" from Index Book, 2010.

* Unity is a development platform for creating games and interactive 3D, like training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations on the web, iOS, Android, consoles and beyond).