Spor 2007: Composing What?

Spor 2007: Composing What?: Integrated project / design- and communication concept for festival, 2006-07

Composing What? was the theme for Spor 2007 - an annual festival for contemporary music and soundart. The festival theme represents a challenge upon the classical concert situation - advocating for new ways of exploring sound and music.

The idea behind the design concept is to portray the festival as a typographic composition of new relations between the involved composers, artists, conductors and musicians as well as the audience. Each person is represented by their name and an individual colourcode.

(Originally I wanted the individual names of the members of the audience to be implemented automatically into the typographic composition when they made a ticket reservation at the festival website - but the online ticket sales was never implemented.)

The festival presented artist such as: Benedict Mason (UK), Christian Marqlay (NY), S.S.S. Sensors Sonic Sights (JP/F), Jennifer Walshe (IR), Cécile Babiole (F), Kaj Aune, Jonas Olesen, van Gogh, a.o.

See the Spor 2007 website: