* this area is under surveillance

Exhibition poster (70x100),
with title in reflective foil
* this area is under surveillance: Integrated project / visual identity for the exhibition "No Place To Hide", Skive Ny Kunstmuseum, 2008-09

No Place To Hide is an exhibition presenting danish and international interactive art. The exhibition focuses on surveillance and the relation between art and the beholder.

The basic idea for the identity is to integrate the reality of the viewer into the exhibition identity in different ways, giving the impression that he or she, as a possible guest, might be exposed at the exhibition. Secondly the identity provides an awareness of the fact that the viewer might be under surveillance f.ex. when viewing the exhibition poster in a public space.

The "captures" of the identity is created using printed reflective foils, site specific photos and personal portraits found via online social networks and search engines.

The exhibition is curated by Kassandra Wellendorf and presents pieces by David Rokeby (CA), Camille Utterback (US), Henriette Heise (DK), Jacob Tækker (DK), a.o.

The project is developed in collaboration with Kassandra Wellendorf and SNYK Skive Ny Kunstmuseum and has recieved financial support from
Danish Arts Council.


The project is represented in the book "Basic Identity" from Index Book, 2010.