CO3 / World Expo 2010, Shanghai

CO3: Development of communication concept, visual identity and future city vision for the danish contribution to World Expo 2010 in Shanghai (proposal), 2008


The common theme for the World Expo 2010 was "Better City, Better Life". Our project focused on "user-involvement" and how governmental institutions, citizens and industries can collaborate to a greater extent in order to create future sustainable city societies. We operated with three different perspectives: 1) Local; about how you can participate as an individual, 2) City; about how you can participate as part of a city society and 3) Global; about how you can participate as part of the global society.

In continuation of our concept we recommended the obligatory danish business partners should be chosen between companies that has a history of working with user-involvement.

The proposal was developed for
1508 A/S in collaboration with Cebra, Rambøll Denmark, Kragh & Berglund, Alexandra Institute and Die Asta Experience.

The CO3 project was presented at the 11. International Achitecture Biennale, Venice 2008 as part of the Danish Pavilion.