Erkki vs Erkki

Erkki vs Erkki - Claviature for Recontextualisation
New Understandings: Interactive audiovisual installation, 2011-2012


Erkki vs Erkki
is an artistic investigation / interactive audiovisual portrait of the finnish composer, computer pioneer and philosopher Erkki Kurenniemi (1941 –).

The installation is made of a navigable video/sound/photo archive with historical documentation about Erkki Kurenniemi that is feeded into a remake of a
Dimi-O (an electronic music instrument with optical input, originally invented by Erkki Kurenniemi in 1971).

Artistic concept, design: Christian Leifelt
IOS programming: Alex Usbergo
Additional programming & technical development:
Sebastian Frese Bülow
Curators: Morten Søndergaard, Anne Holm

The project is a contribution for the exhibition "Sound Art. Sound as a Medium of Art" at ZKM, Media Museum that runs from March 17, 2012 – January 06, 2013.

The exhibition presents works from 90 artists including Ryoji Ikeda, Christian Marqlay, Peter Ablinger, John Cage, Chris Cunningham, Carsten Nicolai, Mogens Jacobsen, Else Marie Pade and many more.

Read about the exhibition in the ZKM press release: