dada3+: graphic music video / cd+ release, 2001

Dada3+ is based on a recording of the danish writer Tom Kristensen's definition of Dadaism from 1960 - the three words: strange, meaningless and mysterious.

The idea of the music video is to translate the spoken words/music into action-writing 1:1, on purpose to create a poethic, realtime visualization of the composition ("Dada3" by Hans Sydow). The writing wasn't really supposed to be made on a computer, but instead on a blackboard, in a rough note book or at empty sheets of music - but it didn't really work.

The music video is published on the cd+ release "dada3+", exhibited on Afsnit P (online gallery for visual poetry). Represented at the exhibition "Ord" at Literatur-haus, 2006 and shown at the Roskilde Festival, Oval Scene, 2002 and ”MIX02 - festival for experimental music, 2002.

The project is made on invitation by the composer Hans Sydow. The online-exhibition is made in collaboration with Christian Yde Frostholm.