Kulturværftet (The Culture Yard): visual and interactive identity, design program 2010-2011


In spring 2010 Christian Leifelt Studio together with the interaction design company shiftcontrol was commisioned by the Municipality of Elsinore to develop a new visual identity and a comprehensive crossdisciplinary design program for Kulturværftet. Kulturværftet (The Culture yard) is the newly opened cultural center of Elsinore located in the old shipyard (rebuild by Aart Architects) near Kronborg and the new maritime museum.

The basic idea of the visual identity is to challenge the concept "culture" by, tangibly, refracting it in front of the audience and leave the elements open for reassembling and redefinition. The significant provocation is supposed to reflect the vision of an ambitious, inclusive and alive cultural center for knowledge, creativity, experience and education - and to relate the visual elements of the identity to the building and its surroundings.

In order to make the refraction idea applicable and get the desired visual expression we developed custom software for on-screen and hi-res image manipulation and furthermore designed a refracted typography for the client based on the font Flama.

Visual identity / basic elements: Logo and logovariations, image refraction concept and software, custom typography, pictograms and icons, principles for use of colour, layoutgrids, etc.

Design program: Website, printed matters (posters, opening newspaper, ads, flyers), screenbased signage, graphic for physical signage, stationery and more.

Creative concept, strategy and project direction:
Christian Leifelt Studio with shiftcontrol
Graphic design: Christian Leifelt with Annette Lindahl
Creative programming: shiftcontrol
Web development: Kraftvaerk
Signage / screenbased: shiftcontrol with Christian Leifelt
Signage / physical: Aart Architects with Christian Leifelt

The project is developed for
Kulturværftet and the Municipality of Elsinore.

UPDATE: Review and feature about The Culture Yard in Politiken (danish newspaper), July 21, 2012