Child Inc.

Child Inc., Design- and Architecture Vision, 2004


Child Inc. is Kontrapunkt’s contribution to the design- and architecture vision "Too Perfect - Seven New Denmarks". The objective of Kontrapunkt’s contribution was to use design and design methods to deal with a lifestyle-related global welfare problem of the future - the declining birthrates of people in the western part of the world.

Our challenge was to design a future society, a pragmatic utopia where children are valued, wanted and growing in numbers. Through interviews and observations we identified a range of different conflicts that prevents people from having children today. Based on our research we invented a range of products and services that adressed the conflicts and created the company "Child Inc." in order to disseminate the solutions on market terms in collaboration with the Danish Welfare Commission.

Child Inc. was exhibited the following places:
The Danish Architecture Center (DAC), Copenhagen, 2004-2005. The 9. International Architecture Biennale, The Danish Pavillon, Venice, 2004. "Superdanish", The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, 2004

Child Inc. was developped for Kontrapunkt in 2004 in collaboration with the rest of the Kontrapunkt team,
Bruce Mau Design and Plot.

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